EUSA Footlights Production of RENT

This weekend, to cheer my friend up after she lost her job and to cheer me up after my money woes (in hindsight, show tickets probably weren’t the greatest thing to spend £30 on) we went to see the Edinburgh Uni production of Rent. And it was FANTASTIC!

For those who haven’t seen Rent, it’s about a group of bohemian artist type people who live in one of the large run down buildings in New York at the turn of the millennia. There’s Mark, an aspiring film maker who tries to document the suffering of himself and his friends; Roger, a musician with a LOT of baggage wanting to write one great song; Mimi, a drug addicted exotic dancer; Benny, who used to live in these “slums” as well until he married a rich girl and was lifted out; Maureen, Mark’s ex-girlfriend who dumped him and is now with another woman; Joanne, a lawyer and Maureen’s girlfriend; Collins, a guy who went to MIT but nowadays can barely scrape together enough money grading papers; and Angel, a drag queen who pushes the group out of self pity (for a while at least).

Now, I’ve seen the film of Rent and loved it. I haven’t managed to see the original play yet though, but boy am I glad I went to see the EUSA version. For those of you unfamiliar with the University of Edinburgh, there are quite a few different theatre societies. Footlights is the most “professional” of them all, and you can tell how seriously they take it. The acting from all involved was stunning, and they were all such good singers! The actors really got into the parts well. And Mark was just SO AMAZING AND CUTE! I loved them all, but special mention to the guy who played Collins – his voice was beautiful and perfect for the role.

The run is finished now and I’m sorry to anybody who didn’t get to see it (no, really), but I just thought I’d make a post to let you know what I’ve done recently (I know, I know, I haven’t posted in a while). While I probably couldn’t really afford it, looking back, I’m so glad I went to see Rent. It cheered me up no end, especially singing along to Seasons of Love (really how can you not?).

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a lovely week! It won’t be as long for my next post, promise!

We’re Off to See the Wizard…

Hey everyone! I went to see Wicked at the Edinburgh Playhouse with a couple of friends yesterday, and I had the most AMAZING time!! I’ve never seen Wicked before but I love any type of musical extravaganza or play and this was no exception. I laughed, I cried, I sighed in longing over Fiyero…it was just magical. The theatre was gorgeous and the sets were stunning, the costumes beautiful and the acting perfection. I took a couple of cheeky photos (you weren’t really supposed to take pictures inside) that I’ll put below for you guys. I’m not sure how long the run is on for (they’ve been there a while) but I believe it’s the UK tour which means that there’s still a chance for you to go and see this…wait for it…WICKED creation (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!). If you get the chance, I highly recommend it!