So Resolutions, Huh?

Like I said in my new years resolutions post – you can find it here – I’m pretty bad at keeping on track. I thought I might have an easier time staying on the straight and narrow if I checked in with myself occasionally to see how things are going. This probably isn’t going to be a monthly thing, but I’ll try to check in regularly and see if it helps. Feel free to use the comments as your own checking in page! How are you getting along? Have you broken any resolutions? Changed any? Are you smashing through them like the gods/goddesses you are? Let’s chat in the comments, and spur each other on!

1. So far I have finished two books, and I’m currently reading three. I’ve completed/am completing five sections in the book challenges, all from the Popsugar Challenge list. The Book Riot list is clearly not doing as well so far!

2. Getting fitter is a big one for me this year. So I’ve quit the gym (no no…hear me out). I have discovered that I do not have motivation after work. I’m tired, I’m hungry, it’s been a long day, I just don’t have the motivation to slog it out in the gym. And I could never go in the morning before work – I just don’t enjoy it enough. So I cancelled my gym membership and instead took out  a membership at the swimming baths near to my house. I love swimming, it’s my favourite exercise and I could honestly swim all day. So now I’ve started waking up half an hour earlier and going for a swim before work. I usually go for 30 minutes or so, then shower and pop home to change for work. It’s going well! I don’t get there every morning, especially now in the winter darkness and bad weather, but I try to go at least 3-4 times a week, including weekends. The membership is slightly more expensive than the gym was, but I’m already making more use of it and you can go to several Edinburgh city pools with it so I can get some variety on the weekends! Once the mornings start getting lighter and it’s a bit warmer I’m hoping to have the energy to go maybe every morning.

3. I’ve been doing generally okay at eating healthily. Of course, we’re all human and there have definitely been days where I’ve bought a not-ideal lunch or was too tired to cook anything. But for the most part I’ve been cooking from scratch and trying to only snack healthily. It’s getting there!

4. Well I’m now paying a bit more for my swim membership but otherwise there’s not much difference to report. January is a bad month for anyone after Christmas, and I took a holiday this month too, so hopefully things will get back on track for February.

5. This month I went to a book talk! I saw Kaite Welsh, author of The Wages of Sin, do a reading from her book and discuss gothic Victorian medical practises and feminism. It was a really great talk, and I ended up buying the book (oops)! Check out the Goodreads page here. I have another book talk lined up for the start of Feb and I’m also planning on seeing a couple of theatre shows over the next couple of months for my birthday so keep your eyes peeled for me talking about that.

6. Obviously I went to Valencia in January, and I’m going to Wales to see my best friend at the end of February. I can’t wait! Later in the year I have Canada and Paris already in the works AND…January 2019 marks my first ever trip to NEW YORK BABY!! I could not be more excited.

7. Okay I mean…I’m pretty sure this is the one I’m doing worst at. I’m trying but I’m just so shattered after work that I can’t really think about writing or anything. HOWEVER, I have started thinking about a new book and I actually have some great ideas that are coming together. So I’m going to put a bit more effort in I think. And I’m doing an okay job at keeping up with the blog. I have a few book reviews to do and some more posts in the works so far.

So ultimately I think it’s been a strong start to the year! I’m excited for February, hopefully I will keep it up. How are your goals for 2018 coming along? Have you changed them up? Are you smashing them like the awesome people you are? Feel free to congregate in the comments for some motivation and boasting/commiserating!


2 thoughts on “So Resolutions, Huh?

  1. I think it’s awesome that you found an exercise outlet that works with you. I’ve had gym memberships off and on too, but found I wouldn’t keep with them. Now, I just have a set of weights at home, and me and my sis-in-law just hit them three nights a week before dinner.

    Your travel plans sound awesome. Woot! Looking forward to seeing your report on your travels to Wales.

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    1. I think the thing about exercise is that, unless you’re actually into it, it always seems like such a struggle to get there! You’ve hit upon a really great idea there with exercising at home instead! Sometimes it just seems a lot easier when you don’t have to get out and go to a gym – especially if you and your sis in law do it together and spur each other on! Keep up the good work!


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