Good Food Recs: Treehouse Cafe, Edinburgh

So you guys know that I’ve lived in Edinburgh for going on 4 years now. In a city as big and diverse as this, there’s so many cool independent places to go and eat. Last week I had brunch at the Treehouse Cafe on Leven Street, Edinburgh. It’s up next to Bruntsfield Links, and it does REALLY GOOD PANCAKES.

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Surprise! Last Minute Trip Home and Train Food

Hey all! As you all know, I’ve spent the summer in Edinburgh and not back home in Staffordshire. My parents came up to Ed for a week, I’ve had lots of fun at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (which I’ll do a post on very soon) and I wasn’t planning on going back home. So how did I find myself alone on a platform, awaiting my second train you ask? Well, that’s a combination of running out of money (the rent is paid and my student loans don’t start until the end of September), missing my parents and Nanna (and my dogs) more than I thought I would, boredom, and the fact that my best friend Rach is home until the end of September and I didn’t get to see her before I left Staffs in July. We’re very excited to be seeing each other again. Very. She goes to university in Wales and I am obviously in Edinburgh, so I think the last time we saw each other was Christmas (potentially Easter, my memory is awfully bad at times). IT HAS BEEN FAR TOO LONG.

So here I am. I’ll be back in Staffs for a little over a week, and return to Ed next Friday. Then soon enough uni will be starting again. I’m ridiculously excited to be starting second year. I usually buy food on the train, but this time I ate before u left and just brought snacks for the train. I got 2 boxes of watermelon slices, a bag of rocket (one of only leaves I eat in salads – the other being lambs lettuce) and a bag of apples. Fun, huh? I also got a massive bottle of sparkling water and a bottle of pomelo honey iced tea from my local Chinese supermarket in Ed. it’s lovely!!! I highly recommend you pick up a bottle if you ever see it – there’s lots of different ones to try. I tend to favour the ones with honey, as I find it makes the drink a touch sweeter. Of course you could add any kind of syrup or sweetener if you wanted to.

I also bought a hot chocolate at the station just now, while waiting for the second train. I usually have hot chocolate with caramel syrup, but as luck would have it my train was late in and the caramel had sold out. The guy recommended hazelnut instead and, although I don’t particularly like nuts, it did make a very nice hot chocolate. Basically melted Nutella which is ALWAYS good. 

I don’t have much planned for this week, apart from seeing family and Rach, but I’m sure something fun will come up. Until then!

The Weeks that Pass Quick

I’ve been back home in Staffordshire for a week now, and it seems like there’s been a whirlwind of activity even though I haven’t done very much at all.  I’ve been catching up with friends and spending time with my parents (and my dogs). It’s hard to believe I’ve finished the first year of uni. 3 more to go!!

Much as I’m happy to be back here, I really do miss Edinburgh and the people I left there. I’m so looking forward to moving into my new flat with my new flatmates. This will be my first “real” flat, and the second year of independence. 

So I just wanted to give you all a quick update – I got home safely, and I have more book and food reviews lined up for you, as well as a couple of easy recipes. You’ll be hearing plenty from me over the summer – and hopefully no more of these long gaps!! Until tomorrow xx

A Trip to Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World in Pictures

Hey everyone! On the same day I went to Gorgie City Farm last week (I’ve done a whole separate post for that so check it out) I also went to Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World. This is on the outskirts of Edinburgh but it’s still only about an hour away from me on the bus and it is SO WORTH IT!! I had so much fun here. You go in and there’s an adorable little gift shop, then the butterfly section which is so humid (DON’T wear layers to come here!) and terrapins, then there’s the reptile and bug rooms. I held a millipede, a tarantula and a snake (best thing ever – she was gorgeous) but I don’t have pictures of them (I was kinda occupied at the time y’know?) so I’ll just show some of the pictures I took. I took LOADS but here are my favourites:


Gorgie City Farm in Photos

Hey everyone!! To celebrate the end of my exams and the end of my first year at uni (wild I know) a friend and I took a trip to Gorgie City Farm and also the Butterfly and Insect World (the latter is on the outskirts of Edinburgh while City Farm is just a little west of Princes Street). Here are some of the photos I took at City Farm. It was a lovely day to be there and the animals were SO CUTE (it takes so little to make me happy!) enjoy!



Restaurant Review: Noodle ‘n’ Ice Edinburgh


A friend and I went out to lunch today, and we chose this restaurant because it is very conviently placed, in the middle of South Bridge. The food is all Asian, with quite a bit of Thai influence throughout the menu. It was lovely inside, with an ice cream counter as you go in and tables down the side. It’s a small restaurant but a lovely one, perfect for a casual lunch.

I had the King Prawn Pad Thai (on my friend’d recommendation) and she had the Singapore Noodles. We also shared two of the light bites (the actual names escape me) – deep fried sweet potato and vegetarian spring rolls.  All the food was very quick to arrive, hot and the portions were very well sized. My Pad Thai was £7.50 and from what I can remember most main dishes were around this price. The light bites were around £3 each. 

Something which I very much appreciated was that the Pad Thai was served with nuts and chilli flakes, but these were put in little heaps on the side of the plate, allowing you to mix in as much or as little as you wanted. The dishes on the menu were also clearly marked for allergens and potential contact with nuts. The menu also stated that most of the dishes could be prepared and made vegan, which I thought was a very good idea.

I really wanted to try the ice cream (or they do ice cream milkshakes and smoothies – even better!) but it was cold and rainy and not really ice cream weather so I had to skip that. But we will definitely be coming back so I can get one then!!

Overall, the meal and atmosphere was terrific, and my friend and I were both very pleased we decided to go there. We will definitely be going again and I strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Asian food. I’m sure the ice creams were delicious too!!

Note: I believe Noodle ‘n’ Ice also operate a takeaway service, although I’m not sure if they deliver or if you have to order and collect the food from the restaurant.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

So, I finally got home today after a LONG train ride (and a pretty long wait at the station to catch my second train). It’s been a taxing and very tiring day, but I got home at around 6pm. Although I do love it in Edinburgh (and I already kinda miss it) I’m glad I’m back – and very happy to seen my family. My dogs were waiting by the gate when I got home. This post is very short (I’ll do a longer one tomorrow when I can think straight) but I just wanted to wish you all a (belated) happy Easter! Did you spend your Easter with your family or your friends? Are you visiting anyone, or are you going on holiday for a week or two? Are you guys happy to have a break from studying, or do you work and so don’t really have a holiday? Let me know in the comments.

See you soon guys!