Uni Notes Pages

You may have noticed that I’ve deleted the Uni Notes page for Statistics from my blog. I thought of the idea to type up my uni notes quite late this year, and as a result I didn’t keep on top of it. I’m planning on starting this idea afresh as soon as I start my second year of uni this September, so I can keep on top of it and hopefully it’ll be a useful revision tool for myself and maybe some of you. My degree is in Psychology and Linguistics which is why those pages are still up (along with the Textbooks page), ready for use, but I don’t know whether I’ll still be accessing the Statistics course next year so I deleted it. I may create it again if it turns out that I do it. I may also put up a page on my outside course (the course I’ll only do during my second year) but that depends on what I decide to do. Hopefully this makes sense, and I’m excited to be starting this project up in a couple of months!

(Again, I won’t be posting any lecture slides or copying any information directly from them as they are the property of the university and not myself. Any quotes I make will be credited to wherever I got them from. Anything else I post here will be in my own words from my own notes, and primarily for my own benefit although I will be very happy if it helps or interests anyone else as well)


New Project!

Hey everyone! I’m really excited to tell you about my new project! As some of you may know, I’m a first year university student, studying Psychology and Linguistics. I thought a really good way for me to revise would be to type up my notes and post them on a page right here on my blog! This blog is about my life and everything in it and, naturally, my degree is a BIG part of my life. These posts will be about the topics I am studying in Psychology and in Linguistics this semester, both my written up notes from lectures and any notes I’ve made from textbooks or recommended reading.

Obviously I can’t put the actual lecture slides here, but I think writing up like this will help consolidate my understanding of all my topics in time for my final first year exams this May AND hopefully will help some of you guys too. So if you’re in your first year like me and think these notes will be helpful (or if you just have an interest in psych or linguistics and want to know what it’s about) then click onto my University Notes page. The first topics will be up soon!

Thanks for all your support guys and remember, if you do read the notes and have any constructive criticism – what worked for you studying, arranging my notes in a different way, anything at all – PLEASE comment and let me know. Speak soon!