Good Food Recs: Treehouse Cafe, Edinburgh

So you guys know that I’ve lived in Edinburgh for going on 4 years now. In a city as big and diverse as this, there’s so many cool independent places to go and eat. Last week I had brunch at the Treehouse Cafe on Leven Street, Edinburgh. It’s up next to Bruntsfield Links, and it does REALLY GOOD PANCAKES.

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Quick and Easy Tea: Meatballs

Hey everyone! Thursdays are by far my busiest day – I have around an hour to get home from university, eat, shower and get back out again to the Sci Fi and Fantasy club meetings (watching TV for 4 hours with friends and then off to the pub afterwards – what could be better?). So this week I made something seriously quick and easy, but really delicious.


I used:
meatballs (any brand, but make sure they have a good meat content)
2 white onions
1 tin of baked beans

Simply put your meatballs in the oven, and roughly chop and fry your onions. The beans take around 2 minutes in the microwave so make sure your meatballs and onions are cooked before you do them. And that’s literally it! You can use passata and butter beans or chickpeas instead of baked beans, or add roasted peppers and mushrooms for a bit more veg. It’s delicious and quick to make and eat. Perfect for when you’re in a rush!