Derby Shopping Haul and Rereading Harry Potter!

Hey everyone!! I took a little trip to Derby, a town in the Midlands about an hour from my home, on the train today and bought a few bits and bobs I thought I’d show you all!  

First though, can we all take a moment to look at the canvas bag (back right) I got from Schuh?! It was £2 (£1.80 with student discount) and half of that goes to charity. It’s adorable!! It’s sturdy and well made and has a lovely design of a shoe on it. I’m definitely taking it back up to Edinburgh with me.

The first thing I bought was this lovely skirt from Apricot. It’s a beautiful khaki/charcoal mix kind of colour with a brown belt, and it’s just shy of ankle length. I needed a new skirt from when I go to a festival in Lichfield next weekend, and also to wear up in Edinburgh when (hopefully) the weather will be lovely and sunny. It swishes around and is really nice and cool to wear. Plus it’s that fabric that’s naturally quite crinkly so I don’t have to worry about ironing it!  

Also from Apricot, and my only other clothing purchase, was this really nice top. It’s longer than a T-shirt and will go beautifully with jeans or my patterned trousers (of which I have many pairs). I don’t have a lot of plain tops, and this is a plain white colour with a beautiful lace pattern all over it and a sewn in slip underneath. It’s the perfect top that will transition easily from day to night just by adding some accessories and ramping up the makeup. The top was initially £20 and I think the skirt was £25, but Apricot do 10% student discount so make sure you take your student card with you if that applies to you!

Next up is this GORGEOUS purse from New Look. I adore anything related to world cities or travel and this is so cute! It’s just a little coin purse with a zip at the top and just the one compartment inside. All buses in Edinburgh are £1.50 so I thought if I got a coin purse I can put all my bus fares in there to keep them handy, with the added bonus of no longer having all that change straining my actual purse. I don’t know how much this was (my mum bought it for me) but New Look do of course do student discount.  

Next is the purchase that I’m probably most excited about – a travel journal/diary (told you I loved travel stuff)! It has such a stunning cover, and inside has different sections to write down details about your accommodations, itineraries, notes, graphs, maps you can highlight and so much more. I love it!! I’ll do a post about this in much more depth when I start using it (hopefully in July when I go to London).  I got this from Paperchase and it was £8 before student discount (I should actually mention here that I have an NUS extra card which is what I show for student discount, not just a regular student ID so some of these may not work for normal ID). I also signed up for a Paperchase loyalty card (it was free and you get rewards etc).

And finally, I bought a new pair of Toms! I love them for summer anyway, but I think the lovely daisies on this pair make them even more summery. I’ve been clinging onto my old pair for years but I’ve had to face the fact that they’re on their last legs. I think having this pair will make the goodbye easier though! These were £40 I think before discount (kind of pricey for canvas shoes I know, but they will be my only splurge item for a very long time).

In other news, I have finished about 5 books which I still haven’t done reviews for (I have notes for all of them though so will be writing and uploading them soon) and I’m in the middle of reading a couple more. I also need to read a few from my shelves before I go back to Edinburgh so my mum can take them on holiday to read. So I’m reading one of them, right? Nope of course not. I’m rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Obviously got my priorities sorted…

Hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll talk to you again soon!


First Impressions: Choices Dairy Free white chocolate


As most of you probably know, I’m a pescetarian so I do eat normal chocolate (the only dairy product I don’t consume is milk – I drink soya milk or coconut milk) but I saw these vegan dairy free chocolate bars on offer and thought I’d try them out. I say “on offer” because each bar is usually £1.10 which is CRAZY! No way would I pay that! However, the ones I got (4 of them) are broken and so they were on sale for 30p each. I’ve never tried any sort of dairy free chocolate before so I’m pretty excited!

The chocolate has quite an odd flavour – not unpleasant, just different to anything I’ve eaten before. The texture is very smooth but not as creamy as regular chocolate. I’m torn on this one. On the one hand, it doesn’t taste bad and I’m sure if I were vegan and this was the only chocolate I ate I’d soon get used to it. On the other hand, I don’t find it as nice as regular chocolate – not even close, really. I’ll eat them because I’ve bought them, and yes I will enjoy them, but would I buy them again? Maybe not. Would I buy them at full price? Definitely not!

In short, I much prefer regular chocolate. However this isn’t bad, and if I found another brand of vegan chocolate somewhere I’d definitely be convinced to try that too. And maybe it’s just the white chocolate, which sometimes isn’t as good as milk chocolate anyway? There was milk chocolate in the shop, maybe I’ll try a bar of that next time and see if I like it better. 

Have any of you guys tried vegan chocolate? Is it just this brand that isn’t as good? Am I missing a gem of vegan chocolate somewhere? If you have any recommendations for me then please leave me a comment!

*Disclaimer: I bought the chocolate with my own money, from the “Free From…” section of Sainsburys. These opinions are purely my own, and I mean no disrespect or offence to anyone. 

Weekend Plans and Age of Ultron Excitement.

Hey everyone! I actually have some fun stuff planned for today and tomororw, as well as the obligatory revision and catching up on The Goldbergs on 4od.

Today I’m heading over to a friends house to help her move furniture around. She’s having a new sofa delivered so we have to clear space for it to come through, and then we’ll watch some anime to relax! I’m also hoping for an impromptu rehearsal tonight – I’m an actor and producer in mine and my friends musical production of Supernatural and we’ve planned a mini rehearsal tonight. 

Tomorrow I’ll be going swimming – I’ve just bought a membership to the university sports gym and swimming pool as part of my plan to get fit this summer. I also might be going shopping tomorrow for a dress to wear to a birthday do next weekend – another friend wants to get a bigger work wardrobe so we’ll be hitting the shops together. It’s a good job my student loans come through!! 

But the main thing I’m excited about is…I’M FINALLY GOING TO SEE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON AT SOME POINT THIS WEEKEND!!! I love Marvel, and I’ve been waiting for this for MONTHS!

Do you guys have any plans for the weekend? Share in the comments.

Day Trip to Lichfield

Well, my Easter trip home is almost finished – my train back to Edinburgh is on Thursday. And yesterday my parents and I had a lovely trip to Lichfield. Lichfield is a lovely little town about an hours drive from where we live. It has a BEAUTIFUL church/cathedral and some slightly more unusual shops. Although it’s not very big, it makes for a lovely day out and it was really nice to wander around the little streets. It was a beautiful sunny day as well, and we walked around the little lake and strolled through the streets – my mum dragged us into all the shops as well! I took a few photos and I hope you enjoy them! 





Tesco Healthy Food Weekly Shop!

Hey guys! I’ve been trying to eat more healthy food and a bit less fast/convenient stuff, so I thought I’d do a quick post on the fruits and veggies I picked up from Tesco today. I usually do a main shop per week, and then pick up other things as and when I need them, so I’ll also put how long I think the food will last me before I need to top up my supply. Enjoy!



The top picture (clockwise from top left):

Parma Ham – I’ve been trying not to eat so much meat recently, so this pack of Parma ham is the only meat product I picked up today. It’ll probably last me a couple of days as snacks.

Broccoli – I picked the biggest broccoli they had. I don’t eat it everyday so I won’t have to buy more this week.

Baby Sweet Peppers – this big bag of peppers was really good value. I eat these with lunch and also as snacks so I’ll eat them up in a couple of days. I might have to go bag and get a few more bags while they are on offer.

Curly Kale and Baby Spinach – you need plenty of greens and kale and spinach are cheap but nutritious and delicious! I won’t eat them at the same time so both bags together should last me a few days.

Baby Button Mushrooms – I picked the mushrooms that were the highest weight in the price band. These too will last me a few days.

The bottom picture (clockwise from top left):

Apples – I don’t eat too many apples but they’re good for you and good snacks. These will easily last the week.

2 bags of oranges – I love oranges, so I’ll get through these pretty quickly (two or three per day). These were on sale, and they’re very juicy and delicious.

Mango – mangoes are another fruit love of mine, but I don’t usually buy them from Tesco because they’re a bit expensive. However, they were on sale today so I picked one up.

Carrots – carrots are great snacks or in salads/with lunch. These will easily last me the week, as it’s a pretty big bag.

Sweet Potatoes – I love sweet potatoes far more than normal ones. I’ll have these as jacket potatoes, or maybe roast them. These too will last for the week.

Kiwi Fruits – I bought a bag of ready to eat kiwi fruits. These are lovely is salads or as a snack, so I may have to buy more in a few days.

2 Avocados – I usually buy avocados from Lidl as they tend to be quite a bit cheaper, but this twin pack was pretty good value, so I picked them up. I don’t eat avocado everyday, and I don’t buy them every week either, so these will last quite a while.

Baby Plum Tomatoes – I love snacking on tomatoes, so I tend to buy a pack every couple of days. These little ones are really sweet and good value.