Uni Notes Pages

You may have noticed that I’ve deleted the Uni Notes page for Statistics from my blog. I thought of the idea to type up my uni notes quite late this year, and as a result I didn’t keep on top of it. I’m planning on starting this idea afresh as soon as I start my second year of uni this September, so I can keep on top of it and hopefully it’ll be a useful revision tool for myself and maybe some of you. My degree is in Psychology and Linguistics which is why those pages are still up (along with the Textbooks page), ready for use, but I don’t know whether I’ll still be accessing the Statistics course next year so I deleted it. I may create it again if it turns out that I do it. I may also put up a page on my outside course (the course I’ll only do during my second year) but that depends on what I decide to do. Hopefully this makes sense, and I’m excited to be starting this project up in a couple of months!

(Again, I won’t be posting any lecture slides or copying any information directly from them as they are the property of the university and not myself. Any quotes I make will be credited to wherever I got them from. Anything else I post here will be in my own words from my own notes, and primarily for my own benefit although I will be very happy if it helps or interests anyone else as well)


New Project!

Hey everyone! I’m really excited to tell you about my new project! As some of you may know, I’m a first year university student, studying Psychology and Linguistics. I thought a really good way for me to revise would be to type up my notes and post them on a page right here on my blog! This blog is about my life and everything in it and, naturally, my degree is a BIG part of my life. These posts will be about the topics I am studying in Psychology and in Linguistics this semester, both my written up notes from lectures and any notes I’ve made from textbooks or recommended reading.

Obviously I can’t put the actual lecture slides here, but I think writing up like this will help consolidate my understanding of all my topics in time for my final first year exams this May AND hopefully will help some of you guys too. So if you’re in your first year like me and think these notes will be helpful (or if you just have an interest in psych or linguistics and want to know what it’s about) then click onto my University Notes page. The first topics will be up soon!

Thanks for all your support guys and remember, if you do read the notes and have any constructive criticism – what worked for you studying, arranging my notes in a different way, anything at all – PLEASE comment and let me know. Speak soon!

Book Review: The Child Bride by Cathy Glass


Cathy Glass is a pseudonym for a foster carer specialising in helping severely abused or traumatised children. She’s written several novels about some of her cases, and The Child Bride is a pretty recent one. As a budding psychologist, I devour books like this one – true stories about counselling/foster carers/social workers etc. so I was very excited about picking this up.

The Child Bride is about a 14 year old Asian girl, Zeena, who asks to be taken into care. She specifically requests white carers and social workers, because she’s terrified her family will track her down. As the book progresses and we find out more about her horrific past and suffering, it becomes clearer and clearer why she left and why she spends her days terrified of being found.

From the title, and the fact the Zeena is described as “A young Asian girl” on the cover, I guessed that Zeena’s story would involve forced marriage. I didn’t guess the shocking acts that preceded or followed the marriage. There were a couple of points in this book where I had to pause and just remind myself exactly how lucky and safe I am in my white, western world. Of course, white women in western countries still face threats – anyone can be the victim of violent crime at any time – but I am grateful that I will NEVER face the circumstances that poor Zeena has had to endure.

Despite everything, Zeena has remarkable spirit and a determination to succeed in life which is truly admiring to read. She has managed to turn her life around and, while (understandably) not completely healed, she is getting there. I’m glad that her story has a somewhat happy ending.

Like other books of this type, The Child Bride is written in a very matter-of-fact way. It’s first person perspective (of Cathy), and throughout we have sentences that foreshadow things to come. There’s also a lot of “little did I realise” or “it wasn’t for some time that I’d know” which helps give the feel that we learn everything as Cathy learns it. It really helped me to connect with the book, and with Zeena and her story.

While I don’t want to be inappropriate by saying I enjoyed this book, I was fascinated throughout. Zeena’s story gripped me tight and wouldn’t let go, and I have the feeling that I’ll be thinking about her for a long time. Books like this help me stay determined and true to my dreams that one day I’ll be able to help people like Zeena, people with heartbreaking pasts or tragic circumstances, to see a brighter future. And THAT’S why I enjoyed The Child Bride. It gives hope that, no matter how bad things seem, there might just be a brighter tomorrow.

Amazon Haul…Did I go Overboard?

Hey everyone! Books are my passion and I buy more at every opportunity I get – so it makes sense that my first blog post will be a book haul! There is one DVD in there too, to add some variety. So, from the top down:


Hogfather by Terry Pratchett – bought on a good friends recommendation, the plot is something about Death having to pretend to be Father Christmas. It’s the 20th Discworld novel but I’ve been assured I don’t have to have read the ones before it.

The Child Bride by Cathy Glass – as a psych student and aspiring clinical psychologist, I have a fascination with these true story, foster-care-for-abused-children type books. This is as the title suggests; a young girl about to be forced into marriage.

City of Ashes and City of Glass by Cassandra Clare – the second and third book in The Mortal Instruments series. I have the first (City of Bones) on my kindle and I’m saving them up to read on my (long) train journey home for Christmas. The series is about Shadowhunters who fight demons; it’s received a lot of hype and I’m looking forward to reading them!

Gone by Michael Grant – the first book in another series that has lots of good reviews and I’m only now jumping on the bandwagon. Suddenly, all adults in the world disappear and it’s up to the kids to find out what the hell is going on.

Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks – a classic which, I’m rather ashamed to say, I haven’t read yet. It’s set in the First World War and, as I love historical novels, I’m sure I’ll love this one too.

The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton – this won the Man Booker Prize last year and is set in 1866 when a group of people team up to discuss and solve some crimes.

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg – I love YouTube and Zoella is one of my favourite beauty YouTubers. This book is, I imagine, light hearted, read-in-a-day pure unthinking escapism, which we all love every once in a while.

The Shadowhunter’s Codex by Cassandra Clare and Joshua Lewis – a companion book to the aforementioned The Mortal Instruments series. I’ll also be saving this for the train (did I mention it’s a LONG journey?).

And, finally, The Little Prince (bilingual version) by Antoine de St. Exupèry – I borrowed this (a standard English version) off a friend and loved the story. I bought the bilingual version, which means it has the English and the original French side by side. I did French and German GCSEs (2 years ago) and enjoyed the languages although I haven’t really kept them up as much as I should. I’m working on it though, and I thought the best way to brush up on my reading skills is to…well…read a book in French! As well as the actual story (and pictures!), the unabridged version of the story, both English and French, is included in audiobook form in a CD at the back of the book.

Well that’s it for the books! Aside from The Little Prince and Girl Online (and Hogfather and The Shadowhunter’s Codex, both of which were bought separately), the other six books were on sale on UK Amazon.

I also got:


The Fault in our Stars DVD, with special features (stick around and you’ll soon learn I have a slight obsession with special features). This too was on sale when I bought it.

Phew! That’s a hell of a lot. Quick disclaimer here though: all of these books and the DVD were purchased, by me, using my own money. I don’t usually buy this kind of thing (I don’t usually have the money) but I had a bit extra and thought I’d treat myself. It’s a rare occurrence for me to have been able to buy more than two books, but hopefully I will love them all! Of course, reviews will follow.

Well I guess that’s it for my first post. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got some inspiration for lovely new book purchases (Amazon is having a Black Friday sale – hurry, go!). Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you again soon!