Paperchase Haul

I ordered some stuff off the Paperchase website (they’re having a sale) and it came today so read on to find out what little goodies I bought!! They’re all things related to planning etc, and I’ve already started my planner so I may do a planning post in the near future.

First I bought an actual planner – very useful for planning! This one was £9.50, reduced from £12, and it’s a beautiful pale blue colour. Owls are one of my favourite animals so I love the design (there’s an owl on the back too). It’s SO CUTE! Inside there’s lots of different sections – planner, notes, addresses, timetable and a few more. It’s a lovely small size which makes it perfect to pop in my handbag or university bag. 

The rest of the products I bought were various stickers to put into my planner. First I got these appointment stickers – they’re colour coded for to do lists, holidays, appointments, birthdays and deadlines. They’re so useful and you get 2 sheets with quite a few on each sheet for £1-something.

Second, I got these adorable little travel type stickers. There’s postcards with various destinations on. These were £1 I think for the sheet. They’re just cute novelty stickers that I can stick on the days I’m going on holiday. 

Next up is another lot of novelty stickers – this time Scotland themed! I live in Scotland so I couldn’t resist them – and they were only 50p too. Brilliant!

Finally I got some simple orange arrow stickers. They’re not as exciting as the others, but I feel they’ll be really useful for adding extra info onto some days, and grouping days together.

I’m really exited to start using my planner – I need to get back to Edinburgh and start filling it up! I’ve seen some really cute stickers on Etsy that I might buy once I’m in my new flat. I’m thinking of also doing a video every now and again where I show how I lay out my planner and the stickers and other bits and bobs I use to make it fun and interesting so look out for those!