Happy Easter Everyone!!!

So, I finally got home today after a LONG train ride (and a pretty long wait at the station to catch my second train). It’s been a taxing and very tiring day, but I got home at around 6pm. Although I do love it in Edinburgh (and I already kinda miss it) I’m glad I’m back – and very happy to seen my family. My dogs were waiting by the gate when I got home. This post is very short (I’ll do a longer one tomorrow when I can think straight) but I just wanted to wish you all a (belated) happy Easter! Did you spend your Easter with your family or your friends? Are you visiting anyone, or are you going on holiday for a week or two? Are you guys happy to have a break from studying, or do you work and so don’t really have a holiday? Let me know in the comments.

See you soon guys!


Packing up and Shipping Home…

Well, it’s finally here. I’ve packed, unpacked, repacked, despaired, watched Keeping Up Appearances, REpacked the repack and now I’m at Edinburgh Waverly train station ready to go home for Christmas. I’m missing my little flat already.

And of course, I’d be on the train that’s delayed wouldn’t I… But hey ho, at least I’m on the platform ready and waiting. And hot. And slightly sweaty. And very hungry.

I have so many bags to drag around today, I’m just glad there’s a massive space between the departure times of the two trains I have to catch. There’s no way I’m bringing all this back after Christmas!

To anyone making their way home, or to the home of a loved one, this Christmas, I wish you all a safe and happy journey!