Park Hall and Hulme Quarry in Photos

   I spend yesterday wandering around Park Hall Country Park, near my home. I haven’t been here in years, and I’d forgotten just how beautiful it is. 



The deserted paths, beautiful flowers and random doors and gates give it an almost magical atmosphere. 


Doesn’t this cloud look just like a dragon?!? It has a head with open fire breathing mouth, long neck, wings and a big body…no? Just me? 

The forest part of the park has to be my favourite place in the whole park – it’s beautifully serene and tranquil, while also giving off a mysterious and brooding feel. 

  I think this is my favourite photo from that day. To me, this looks like Vampire Diaries territory, solitary, like the trees are watching your every move. Could this innocent couple be the vampire’s next victims? (It’s actually my parents so I do hope not!)