Lidl Grocery Haul

I popped into Lidl on my way home from uni today and grabbed some fresh fruits and veggies to tide me over for the next few days. I spent £15.50 in total and bought:

2 bags spinach

1 young coconut (I have no idea what it’ll be like, but I’ve never had a whole coconut before so I’m pretty excited)

Bananas (they’re pretty soft, but I’m going to use them in smoothies so it’s okay)

1 pack of fresh peppers (I’m kinda sad because all of the packs had a really small red pepper, which is my favourite, but the massive yellow pepper makes up for it)

3 avocados (only 2 are in the photo)

2 mangoes (my favourite fruit of all)

4 apples (only 2 are in the photo)

3 cucumbers (only 1 is pictured)

2 packs of corn on the cob (only 1 pictured)

6 persimmons/ Sharon fruit (my second favourite fruit, only 2 are pictured)

Blackwells Book Haul

I popped into Blackwells bookstore for a little browse today and then I saw the fateful stickers… 3 for 2. Free book. FREE BOOK!! I couldn’t resist. I spent £16.98.

From top:

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – the world is divide into Reds (commoners) and Silvers (ruling elite), and Mare is a Red who possesses a mystery power that threatens to destroy this world and its power balance. The Silvers declare her a Silver princess in order to keep an eye on her, and Mare must navigate society so she can bring it down.

The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah – starring Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot who attempts to discover who is murdering guests at a fashionable hotel. I love Christie so I’m excited to read this one. 

The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath by Ishbelle Bee – set in 1888, this book follows a little girl and her shape shifting guardian as they wash ashore in England, where a mysterious man, Lovelace, who serves a demon Lord is attempting to kill her.

I’m excited for all these books, but I think the Poirot one is the one I’m most anxious to start. Have you read any of these? Are they good?

Paperchase Haul

I ordered some stuff off the Paperchase website (they’re having a sale) and it came today so read on to find out what little goodies I bought!! They’re all things related to planning etc, and I’ve already started my planner so I may do a planning post in the near future.

First I bought an actual planner – very useful for planning! This one was £9.50, reduced from £12, and it’s a beautiful pale blue colour. Owls are one of my favourite animals so I love the design (there’s an owl on the back too). It’s SO CUTE! Inside there’s lots of different sections – planner, notes, addresses, timetable and a few more. It’s a lovely small size which makes it perfect to pop in my handbag or university bag. 

The rest of the products I bought were various stickers to put into my planner. First I got these appointment stickers – they’re colour coded for to do lists, holidays, appointments, birthdays and deadlines. They’re so useful and you get 2 sheets with quite a few on each sheet for £1-something.

Second, I got these adorable little travel type stickers. There’s postcards with various destinations on. These were £1 I think for the sheet. They’re just cute novelty stickers that I can stick on the days I’m going on holiday. 

Next up is another lot of novelty stickers – this time Scotland themed! I live in Scotland so I couldn’t resist them – and they were only 50p too. Brilliant!

Finally I got some simple orange arrow stickers. They’re not as exciting as the others, but I feel they’ll be really useful for adding extra info onto some days, and grouping days together.

I’m really exited to start using my planner – I need to get back to Edinburgh and start filling it up! I’ve seen some really cute stickers on Etsy that I might buy once I’m in my new flat. I’m thinking of also doing a video every now and again where I show how I lay out my planner and the stickers and other bits and bobs I use to make it fun and interesting so look out for those!

Derby Shopping Haul and Rereading Harry Potter!

Hey everyone!! I took a little trip to Derby, a town in the Midlands about an hour from my home, on the train today and bought a few bits and bobs I thought I’d show you all!  

First though, can we all take a moment to look at the canvas bag (back right) I got from Schuh?! It was £2 (£1.80 with student discount) and half of that goes to charity. It’s adorable!! It’s sturdy and well made and has a lovely design of a shoe on it. I’m definitely taking it back up to Edinburgh with me.

The first thing I bought was this lovely skirt from Apricot. It’s a beautiful khaki/charcoal mix kind of colour with a brown belt, and it’s just shy of ankle length. I needed a new skirt from when I go to a festival in Lichfield next weekend, and also to wear up in Edinburgh when (hopefully) the weather will be lovely and sunny. It swishes around and is really nice and cool to wear. Plus it’s that fabric that’s naturally quite crinkly so I don’t have to worry about ironing it!  

Also from Apricot, and my only other clothing purchase, was this really nice top. It’s longer than a T-shirt and will go beautifully with jeans or my patterned trousers (of which I have many pairs). I don’t have a lot of plain tops, and this is a plain white colour with a beautiful lace pattern all over it and a sewn in slip underneath. It’s the perfect top that will transition easily from day to night just by adding some accessories and ramping up the makeup. The top was initially £20 and I think the skirt was £25, but Apricot do 10% student discount so make sure you take your student card with you if that applies to you!

Next up is this GORGEOUS purse from New Look. I adore anything related to world cities or travel and this is so cute! It’s just a little coin purse with a zip at the top and just the one compartment inside. All buses in Edinburgh are £1.50 so I thought if I got a coin purse I can put all my bus fares in there to keep them handy, with the added bonus of no longer having all that change straining my actual purse. I don’t know how much this was (my mum bought it for me) but New Look do of course do student discount.  

Next is the purchase that I’m probably most excited about – a travel journal/diary (told you I loved travel stuff)! It has such a stunning cover, and inside has different sections to write down details about your accommodations, itineraries, notes, graphs, maps you can highlight and so much more. I love it!! I’ll do a post about this in much more depth when I start using it (hopefully in July when I go to London).  I got this from Paperchase and it was £8 before student discount (I should actually mention here that I have an NUS extra card which is what I show for student discount, not just a regular student ID so some of these may not work for normal ID). I also signed up for a Paperchase loyalty card (it was free and you get rewards etc).

And finally, I bought a new pair of Toms! I love them for summer anyway, but I think the lovely daisies on this pair make them even more summery. I’ve been clinging onto my old pair for years but I’ve had to face the fact that they’re on their last legs. I think having this pair will make the goodbye easier though! These were £40 I think before discount (kind of pricey for canvas shoes I know, but they will be my only splurge item for a very long time).

In other news, I have finished about 5 books which I still haven’t done reviews for (I have notes for all of them though so will be writing and uploading them soon) and I’m in the middle of reading a couple more. I also need to read a few from my shelves before I go back to Edinburgh so my mum can take them on holiday to read. So I’m reading one of them, right? Nope of course not. I’m rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Obviously got my priorities sorted…

Hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll talk to you again soon!

Real Foods Haul

Hey everyone! Yesterday I found out that the health food/vegan/gluten free etc etc shop Real Foods had a couple of stores in Edinburgh so I went to check it out! I only bought a few bits and pieces, and this will be the last food shopping I do before I go home on the 29th. But before I jump into my food haul, check out this little beauty:


This was £8 from John Lewis and it’s a measuring cup with EVERYTHING (well…almost everything) written on the outside. It has individual portions for couscous, a rice measure, British and American cup measures, teaspoon and tablespoon, flour and sugar measures and ml measures. It’s so cool! And it means I won’t have a load of cups lying around my new flat. This is the mini measure but there was another measure too and I’m thinking of getting that when I come back as well.

And now onto my actual haul! The first thing I got from Real Foods was some nice organic baker potatoes. These were £1.16 for just under a kilo, and I got three pretty big spuds for that price. I’ll use them to make chips (I’ve already had one and it was LOVELY!) 

The next thing I got was Egg Free Mayo. They had a variety of choices – original, garlic mayo, chilli mayo – but I went for this tarragon and chive mayo. It was £2.26 for the jar and I got it because I was curious to see how vegan mayo compares to regular mayo. Let me tell you, I was NOT DISAPPOINTED! The herbs gives this one a really nice flavour, and I bet the original would taste exactly like regular mayo.

The third food item I got was a mushroom pate. Pretty self explanatory really. It was £1.63 for the can, and it’s gluten free as well as vegetarian.

Next up is my Organic tomato soup. I love soups and this looked really nice. The normal price for a can is £1.29 but it was on offer for 86p.


I also found Fishless Fingers in this shop. Now, I’m a pescatarian so I do eat fish but these looked intriguing so I thought I’d buy a pack and see if they were as good as regular fish. They were £2.99 which is pretty pricey really for 6 fingers. I’m not sure if I’ll buy these again, we’ll just have to see how they taste!

And finally, I bought some corn tortillas, £1.99 for 13 tortillas. When I first tried these I thought they were horrible, but that was only because I made the mistake of thinking you could eat these cold like normal tortillas. You HAVE to heat these (20 seconds each side in a dry frying pan) and once you do they are DELICIOUS!

So that’s it folks, my last food haul before I go home for a month and a bit. I spent £10.89 in Real Foods, and £8 in John Lewis. Are any of you guys vegan or vegetarian? Have you tried any of this food? From what I’ve tried so far I’d DEFINITELY recommend the mayo and the tortillas. Hope you enjoy!

Collective Amazon Haul

Hey guys! I’ve ordered a few things from amazon in the last month or so, and most of them arrived yesterday or today so I thought I’d do a haul of the stuff that’s arrived.

First though, I’m still waiting on two items – both are cookbooks: A Year in 120 Recipes and A Girl Called Jack, both by Jack Monroe. These are budget cookbooks and I’m really looking forward to making the recipes and hopefully saving a bit of money. These should be here sometime next week.

And the stuff that has already arrived:

Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward – this is another cookbook, this time a healthy eating one. I’m really trying to get into shape so hopefully I’ll find a ton of healthy new recipes to help me stay on track. I’ll be making blog posts about the recipes I try, from this cookbook and the other two I ordered, so be on the lookout for those!

White Heat – this is a BBC documentary about seven university students who share a house in London in the 1960s. This aired in 2012 and I never got to see the last couple of episodes…I feel a TV marathon coming on!

Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed II PC Game – this was a 2 in 1 game and was on sale so I thought I’d try it out. I’ve played about an hours worth so far and it’s looking promising! Once I’ve played it a little more I’ll probably do a review.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PC Game – I remember a few years ago a group of friends and I sneaking into my best friend’s elder brother’s room to play his GTA game. This too was pretty cheap so I thought I might as well pick it up and see if it’s as good now it isn’t illicit and forbidden! I haven’t had a chance to play this yet but hopefully this weekend I’ll finally get it installed on my laptop.

And finally, a gamepad/controller – this connects to my laptop through the USB port and is really useful for games (such as the above).

And that’s it for this time (and probably for the foreseeable future as I’m pretty broke)! I’m really excited about all my purchases, and stay tuned for reviews, recipes and perhaps episode walk-throughs/reviews of White Heat. Until next time!

What I Received for Christmas

Hey everyone. As promised, this is my Christmas gift haul thingy for 2014. I’m not doing this to brag at all or anything like that – I just enjoy looking at these things and I thought some of you may do too. Without further ado, onto the gifts.



The main gifts I got from my parents – a new generation iPod in Space Grey. I love this colour so much! And a Wacom Intuos tablet – you connect it to your laptop and can draw on it with a special pen and the drawing comes onto the screen of the laptop. I love drawing but I’ve never been able to master drawing with a mouse, so this was an amazing gift!



From my parents I also got a cocktail making kit! I can’t wait to take this back to Edinburgh and hold some “Cocktails and Cupcakes” themed parties!


From a family friend I received an awesome gift – a food hamper with some of my favourite foods and a box of green tea! She knew I’d be going back to Edinburgh soon and bought it so I wouldn’t have to go food shopping the second I arrived. It’s such a lovely thought!



I also received (again off my parents) a beautiful wall clock with Audrey Hepburn on it. I ADORE Audrey and, as I’m sure you can guess, I love this clock. The beautiful bed throw was from my aunt and uncle and I’ll be saving both of these for when I move into my new flat in September. I also got a few ornaments (with owls on that I forgot to take pictures of!) which will also be staying at my parents home until I move into my flat.



From one of my best friends I received a hudl case (just in time as I somehow spilled nail polish on my previous one a couple of days before Christmas), a perfume set and a set of beautiful charms you place around the stem of wine glasses. They are lovely!


Finally, I got all the usual Christmas knick knacks like these things – hair stuff, shower stuff and little bits and bobs of lip balms and hand creams. I also got a STUNNING necklace from my best friend in Edinburgh that sadly I forgot to take a picture of before I left – it has a quote from Alice in Wonderland (“We’re all mad here”) which sums us up perfectly and on the back it has a clock face. I adore it.

I’m insanely happy and grateful for everything I received, and I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoy looking at these kinds of posts. I’ll see you soon for another fun post. Bye!