Film Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I went to see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children¬†(known forevermore as MP because who has time to write out huge titles?)¬†on Friday but only just got around to doing a review – hopefully my memory has survived! Anyway, this review has a bit of a disclaimer at the start. I have read the book, although admittedly only the first in the series. Yes, the film is a bit different to the book. HOWEVER, this review isn’t about the book, and it isn’t a list of similarities and differences (I can do both of those things in separate posts if people are interested). When I go to see a film, I watch it FOR THE FILM. Not so I can sit there with a checklist noting down every tiny deviation from the book it was based on. Books and films are different mediums, and they require different things. In my opinion anyway, there are very, very, VERY few books that can be turned into successful, ENJOYABLE films simply by getting actors to recite all the words in the book. They are different art forms and I like to treat them as such. Obviously everyone has their own opinions on the topic and no one opinion is the “right one”, we’re all just different and have different views on the subject. Yay diverse thinking! But when I went to see this film, I put my liking of the book to one side and just concentrated on the film as a film. The people who work on films work just as hard as writers to create their chosen piece of art, and I think they deserve from me, an avid consumer, at least the courtesy to watch their film for what it is and not just write it off because it isn’t a carbon copy of the book.

So, the TL;DR for this disclaimer is this: Yay books! Yay films! However, there will be no books in this review. ONLY FILM. And with that, on with the show!

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A Beautiful Evening

So I spent my evening watching Eat Pray Love on Netflix and eating my take on a mini pavlova. I’m wearing trackies (sweatpants to you non-Brits) and my bedroom windows are wide open. It’s a beautiful evening, blue and clear and warm. After the film has ended, I think I may read the book (for the tenth time). 


How I made my pavlova (I think this was one of the easiest and laziest foods I’ve ever made!):

Place a meringue best (ready made or homemade) in a bowl and top with plenty of fruit. I used frozen raspberries (my favourite berry) but you can use any kinds of fruit or berry, fresh or frozen. I put a few good scoops of vanilla ice cream on top of this (again you can use any flavour but vanilla goes with everything I think) and put a few more berries on after. Finish by crumbling half a meringue nest over the ice cream.

Unleashing Our Creative Potential

Hey everyone! I had a brilliant day today – I managed to catch up with a very good friend whom I haven’t seen since last summer! Almost a year! We had a lovely time wandering around some shops close to home, eating jacket potatoes (our tradition everytime we see each other) and watching Home (it was brilliant but we both bawled our eyes out!) And we decided to unlock our creative potential and travel back to our youth (now that we’re both the ripe old age of 19) by buying some painting by numbers! I got elephants and she got horses, and we both got the tiger one. Now, none of them will look even remotely like they’re supposed to, and we’ll probably fail miserably at this very basic task but it’ll be fun and frustrating and it takes us back so it’s worth it!