Good Food Recs: Treehouse Cafe, Edinburgh

So you guys know that I’ve lived in Edinburgh for going on 4 years now. In a city as big and diverse as this, there’s so many cool independent places to go and eat. Last week I had brunch at the Treehouse Cafe on Leven Street, Edinburgh. It’s up next to Bruntsfield Links, and it does REALLY GOOD PANCAKES.

It’s quite a small place, so you might have to wait a little for a table. There’s bigger tables in the middle and little 2 chair bars at the windows. They sell various kinds of pancakes, as well as paninis and bagels. I went for the pancakes topped with mixed berry, honey and Greek yoghurt, and a hot chocolate. And I was not disappointed.

The hot chocolate was huge, lots of whipped cream and marshmallows. It was deliciously comforting on a cold winter’s day. The pancakes were quite sweet and the berries slightly too tart, but together they balanced each other out to create a wonderful brunch. The yoghurt was delicious! You get 3 thick, super fluffy pancakes, and a very decent amount of toppings. A friend went for the bacon and maple syrup pancakes and they came with a staggering amount of bacon, drowned in maple syrup. They don’t skimp on the portion sizes here!

The atmosphere was nice and bright, it’s a lovely little place to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday. The menu wasn’t huge but they sell a good variety and at reasonable prices (I can’t remember the exact price but I had change from £10). There seems to be something for everyone. They have a pretty good variety of vegetarian options, and I’m sure they have vegan options too. I ordered the hot chocolate pretty quickly, but later I noticed they have big jars of assorted loose leaf tea and I really wish I’d tried one! There were lots of different flavours, and I do love me some loose leaf. Next time we go, I’ll be perusing their tea list for sure. They also do 10% student discount with a valid student card so if you have one, remember to take it!

I really enjoyed my meal. I will say that my friend said the amount of maple syrup made the already sweet pancakes extremely sweet, and she wasn’t prepared for the amount of bacon so she didn’t have the saltiness to cut through. If you’re not a fan of big meat portions (or too much sweetness), I think I’d recommend the berry pancakes more. You really need that tartness to cut through them, otherwise it just gets a little much. I’d still recommend going though, and the hot chocolate is super good!  We’ll be going again – and I think next time I’ll go for one of their bagels. Someone on the next table got a salmon and cream cheese bagel and I had serious food envy the entire time!

Let me know if you try Treehouse and what you think! What did you have? Did you try the tea? Was it as good as it looked? WHICH ONE DID YOU HAVE, GIVE ME TEA RECS?!


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