Holidays Book Haul

Every year since I started university I come home for Christmas but this year was special because I got to come back for a whole month!! A month of free food, no exams or uni work and constant DOGS! Utter bliss. I managed to see so many friends (and in fact a friend from Edinburgh came to spend a few days with me and my folks over Christmas which was nice) and I bought some books. In the sales. Because I have very little self control (read literally none whatsoever). I only bought 6 though! So maybe I’m getting better in my ripe old age?

(All book cover images were taken from google because my camera was being mean to me.)

Christmas at Battersea – this is the only nonfiction book I got recently, and it’s a “day in the life” type book detailing the lives of the volunteers, staff and animals at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home over Christmas. I’ve started this one already and I have a feeling I may cry before the end. I love animals so much, dogs especially, and I’m a really big weeper!

13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough – this one seems to be a thriller/murder mystery book which I LOVE so I’m really looking forward to it. The back of the book doesn’t give too much away but it seems to be about a girl who almost drowns or otherwise somehow finds herself in icy water and suspects that her friends may have tried to kill her. It proclaims itself as “not suitable for younger readers” and The Times apparently thinks it’s “Mean Girls for the Instagram age” so it’ll hopefully be pretty gripping and thrilling.

Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell – this is another creepy looking one that says it’s “not for younger readers” (so hopefully it’ll be very chilling indeed). It’s apparently about a girl called Sophie who goes to stay with her cousins who live in an old converted schoolhouse. She seems to have four cousins but the fourth one is a little…different. She really likes antique dolls (okay not that different) and she kinda…maybe…should be a little bit dead. Right. This is going to be good. (Also the cover is the creepiest thing EVER, I feel like I’m going to be murdered just by looking at it, I swear). As an aside, in the process of googling “Frozen Charlotte” in order to find a photo of the cover I discovered that Frozen Charlottes are actually a type of china doll apparently based off a poem where a girl froze to death. You probably all already knew this and I did not because general knowledge is not my forte but THIS MAKES THE BOOK SEEM EVEN CREEPIER TO ME! WHICH IS PROBABLY INTENDED! BECAUSE I BET EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW ABOUT FROZEN CHARLOTTES AND SO WHEN THEY SAW THIS BOOK THEY WERE ALL LIKE “OMG FROZEN CHARLOTTES, LIKE THE DOLLS, HOW CREEPY”! I DID NOT DO THIS BECAUSE I AM SLIGHTLY DIM ON THE HISTORY AND GENERAL KNOWLEDGE FRONTS.

Soulless by Gail Carriger – this is the first in a series and is a STEAMPUNK NOVEL! A STEAMPUNK NOVEL WITH SUPERNATURAL CREATURES! A STEAMPUNK NOVEL WITH SUPERNATURAL CREATURES AND MYSTERIES TO BE SOLVED! SIGN ME THE HECK UP FOR THIS! Ahem. Anyway… Soulless is the first book in Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series and follows a Victorian era spinster named Alexia as she tries to figure out mysteries and contend with the fact that she doesn’t have a soul. This isn’t a new book by any means (it was published in 2009) but it’s steampunk and a mystery and it sounds right up my street AND DID I MENTION IT’S STEAMPUNK AND A MYSTERY?!?

Witch Child by Celia Rees – this is also not a new book (and I’ve just realised that I’ve started every book description with “this is”…) but it looks pretty good. It’s set in the 1600s and is about a girl named Mary who is the granddaughter of a…WITCH! You’d never have guessed that from the title or anything, huh? I have so much new knowledge to impart today apparently. Anyway, Mary’s in a teensy bit of danger because everyone thinks she’s a witch too so when a stranger offers her a way out she takes it. This might end badly for Mary. I’ve just got a feeling, y’know?

The Dragonfly Pool by Eva Ibbotson – I chose this book because it was on sale, I’ve read and enjoyed Ibbotson’s work before, and I liked what I read on the back of it (also I’m totally capable of starting my descriptions in different ways, yay me). The book is currently out of reach and I can’t really remember what I read on the back but it’s about a girl who gets sent to boarding school because of WW2. She later meets the young prince of a European country which is at threat from the Nazis. Bad things ensue. Probably. It is set during a world war after all.

So basically I have a packed reading schedule ahead! Although I am leaving for Edinburgh tomorrow and I don’t have room for all these books so I won’t be able to read most of them until April. Planning has never been my strong point… Have you ever read any of these? Loved them? Hated them? Let me know in the comments so I can decide which one to read first!!


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