Of Classes, Illness, Forgotten Keys and Missing You!

Hey everyone! Woah, it’s been a while. I didn’t realise just how long until I noted the date of my last post, but I’ve missed blogging – I’ve missed you! Things have been hectic lately, so I’ll give you a quick run down of the few things of note that’ve happened to me over the past month, and then I’ll get back on track with the regular posts!

Firstly, classes have been going well. This semester I’m doing one Linguistics class, two Psychology classes – Psychology and a separate Statistics one, – and my outside course which is The Human Skeleton in Archaeology and Forensic Science. They’re all brilliant…but way more work than last year. There’s a lot more reading and I’ve been busy going over lectures and keeping up. Next semester should be a little quieter as I have one less class, but we’ll have to wait and see. All’s going well though!

Aside from studying, I’ve been spending most of my time catching up with people I haven’t seen over the summer, hanging out with friends (September was beautifully hot in Edinburgh and we had the chance to spend plenty of time lying about in the Meadows), and generally getting back into student life. I’ve made a great start and hopefully the rest of the year will continue in this vein!

And now for my doh! moment. As I was getting ready to go food shopping this morning, I went into the porch to check for mail. The inner door slammed shut behind me (it usually closes softly and stops without closing all the way so I have no idea what happened) and it was then that I realised I’d left my keys in my room. Doh! I decided to head off and buy my groceries anyway (luckily I had my money in my pocket) and luckily by the time I returned my flatmate was home to let me in. I’ll double check I have keys before leaving my room in future! But at least I didn’t lose the keys…I just couldn’t get to them for a while.

And to be honest, that’s really the most exciting thing that’s happened to me. So all that’s left to say is that I missed you all, and thank you for not deserting me! I have a big book haul to show you all (including my most prized purchase!), a grocery haul, some book reviews and some recipes to share, so stay tuned! I hope you’ve all had a pleasant return to school/college/university? And if you aren’t a student I hope you’ve had a great September!


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