Watch With Me: Ugly Betty

I’ve decided to start a new part of my blog called Watch With Me (WWM). Basically, I’ll be watching a TV series or film and writing down every thought I have through the episode (or duration of the film). That will all go into a blog post. I’ll have Character of the Ep, Quote of the Ep, OMG moment and other things on there too. I’ll put a warning at the top of each post but just so everyone knows EACH OF THESE POSTS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!!! I am essentially narrating the episode. Hopefully if you have an interest in the show or film then you can watch it too and then we can discuss the episode in the comments below. Hopefully this will work out, I think it’ll be really fun.

The first show I’ve chosen is Ugly Betty. I’ve seen adverts for it, and I think I might have watched a few episodes, but I have never sat down to watch it properly. For every post, I’ll start by copying the episode summary from and then I’ll write my thoughts on the episode as they come. I’ll end with a list: Character of the Ep (the character I loved the most in that episode); Quote of the Ep (the quote that had the most impact on me in some way); and OMG Moment (the part that made me squee or die or whatever). Then we can all discuss the episode in the comments. I think it’ll be a great way to connect with all of you so if you’re interested then please join in!

I’ll probably watch several episodes at a time, but I will aim to post one episode a week so it doesn’t get too much. All will be under the tags Watch with Me, Ugly Betty and WWM.


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