A Beautiful Evening

So I spent my evening watching Eat Pray Love on Netflix and eating my take on a mini pavlova. I’m wearing trackies (sweatpants to you non-Brits) and my bedroom windows are wide open. It’s a beautiful evening, blue and clear and warm. After the film has ended, I think I may read the book (for the tenth time). 


How I made my pavlova (I think this was one of the easiest and laziest foods I’ve ever made!):

Place a meringue best (ready made or homemade) in a bowl and top with plenty of fruit. I used frozen raspberries (my favourite berry) but you can use any kinds of fruit or berry, fresh or frozen. I put a few good scoops of vanilla ice cream on top of this (again you can use any flavour but vanilla goes with everything I think) and put a few more berries on after. Finish by crumbling half a meringue nest over the ice cream.


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