Finding my Way Back to Pescetarianism

I was a pescetarian for a few years before I came to uni, but in the past half a year I’ve fallen off the wagon so to speak. It’s not so much when I’m alone as when I’m with friends – I just found myself eating chicken and occasionally red meat too. It’s not even my friends, I know they’d be supportive anyway and there’s lots of veggie/fish options on every menu, it’s just that I guess I found it…easier?…to eat meat.

But I’ve decided to go back to pescetarianism! Now, a few people have asked why I’m bothering to go pescetarian; why not just go vegetarian instead? Well, when I became a pescetarian I was younger and my mum was very concerned about me getting enough protein and nutrients and a balanced diet, so to please her I carried on eating fish. Now that I’m finding my way back, it just seems easier to go back to what I was used to. Also, I love fish. I eat a lot of it and I love the taste, especially fresh fish or squid. I’m not sure I want to give that up, at least not yet.

But I’m trying. I’ve not eaten meat for a couple of weeks now and it’s easier than I thought to get back on track and continue on this path. I’m glad I made this choice again. Pescetarianism makes me feel healthy and good, which is all any of us really want from our diets. And I know that there are lots of very responsible farmers and abattoirs out there. But there’s also a LOT of irresponsible ones, ones that hurt the animals, ones that don’t care about the animals safety or comfort. And I would hate to know that the meat on my plate may come from them, may support and encourage those heartless monsters. So I’m not taking that chance. 

So that’s it! I just wanted to update you on this decision of mine, and tell you to look out for some tasty fish or veggie recipies on this blog – I have a few in mind and I’ll post plenty in the next few months! My next post will probably be a book review, and I’m also planning a review of the Northern Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet – I went to see it in Edinburgh last week and was completely enchanted!


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