Welcome to the Big Bad World!

Hey everyone. This post really has no meaning – it’s just a little rant and, I guess, warning to others?

I’ve done pretty well on my own so far. I haven’t gone into my overdraft, I’ve never ran out of food, I’ve kept to my lecture timetable well. I’ve been a pretty good, responsible adult. But today I spent a couple of hours panicking because I had my debit card stolen.

I’m not entirely sure what happened. I often go for little walks around Edinburgh and sometimes when I don’t want to carry a handbag I just put my phone, keys and debit card in my (zipped) jacket pockets. Today was the same routine except, when I got home, I found to my dismay that my card had been taken. I can only thank God that my phone wasn’t in the same pocket.

After a stressful half an hour on the phone with Santander Lost and Stolen department (the lady I spoke to was lovely by the way) I managed to get my account frozen and was reassured that my card hadn’t been used. Whoever took it didn’t have chance to get any money out or anything, which is such a relief.

That relief turned into another (albeit far smaller) panic when I was told that, while my replacement card will be delivered to my nearest bank branch, the pin will be sent home. As in the home address that’s on my bank details because I didn’t want any letters to come to my uni residence (letters can tend to go missing around here). As in the address that’s 5 hours away. Now, my mum will phone and tell me the pin when it gets there. It’s fine. But it just seemed like another disaster at the time.

I’m extremely grateful that my card was the only thing stolen. And I couldn’t express enough thanks to the lovely lady who answered my call and helped me make sure everything was okay with my account. I’m also thankful that this is the only bad experience I’ve had in the first big city I’ve lived in (and it’s a learning experience at least). But most of all I’m sickened that people just go around pick pocketing and stealing from others. It genuinely disgusts me. I dread to think what would have happened if I didn’t have the bank phone number saved in my phone, or if I hadn’t looked in my pocket and discovered the card missing as soon as I got home, or if the disgusting person who did this had managed to take my phone or keys or drivers licence as well. I don’t understand how some people can behave like this. I really don’t.

So that’s the rant part over – and now for the warning. Please be observant guys! Keep checking to make sure your pockets and bags are closed, watch the people around you, be careful in crowds. And also make sure you know your bank emergency number just in case something like this DOES happen. Once they’ve got your card it’s gone, but you have to keep your head and make sure you get on the phone to the bank AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE to make sure whoever took your card can’t take your money as well. I know I’ll certainly be far more observant and careful from now on – especially in busy or crowded places. Stay safe guys!


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