Tesco Healthy Food Weekly Shop!

Hey guys! I’ve been trying to eat more healthy food and a bit less fast/convenient stuff, so I thought I’d do a quick post on the fruits and veggies I picked up from Tesco today. I usually do a main shop per week, and then pick up other things as and when I need them, so I’ll also put how long I think the food will last me before I need to top up my supply. Enjoy!



The top picture (clockwise from top left):

Parma Ham – I’ve been trying not to eat so much meat recently, so this pack of Parma ham is the only meat product I picked up today. It’ll probably last me a couple of days as snacks.

Broccoli – I picked the biggest broccoli they had. I don’t eat it everyday so I won’t have to buy more this week.

Baby Sweet Peppers – this big bag of peppers was really good value. I eat these with lunch and also as snacks so I’ll eat them up in a couple of days. I might have to go bag and get a few more bags while they are on offer.

Curly Kale and Baby Spinach – you need plenty of greens and kale and spinach are cheap but nutritious and delicious! I won’t eat them at the same time so both bags together should last me a few days.

Baby Button Mushrooms – I picked the mushrooms that were the highest weight in the price band. These too will last me a few days.

The bottom picture (clockwise from top left):

Apples – I don’t eat too many apples but they’re good for you and good snacks. These will easily last the week.

2 bags of oranges – I love oranges, so I’ll get through these pretty quickly (two or three per day). These were on sale, and they’re very juicy and delicious.

Mango – mangoes are another fruit love of mine, but I don’t usually buy them from Tesco because they’re a bit expensive. However, they were on sale today so I picked one up.

Carrots – carrots are great snacks or in salads/with lunch. These will easily last me the week, as it’s a pretty big bag.

Sweet Potatoes – I love sweet potatoes far more than normal ones. I’ll have these as jacket potatoes, or maybe roast them. These too will last for the week.

Kiwi Fruits – I bought a bag of ready to eat kiwi fruits. These are lovely is salads or as a snack, so I may have to buy more in a few days.

2 Avocados – I usually buy avocados from Lidl as they tend to be quite a bit cheaper, but this twin pack was pretty good value, so I picked them up. I don’t eat avocado everyday, and I don’t buy them every week either, so these will last quite a while.

Baby Plum Tomatoes – I love snacking on tomatoes, so I tend to buy a pack every couple of days. These little ones are really sweet and good value.


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