Recipe: Spinach, Ham and Leek Frittata

Hey everyone! I made frittata yesterday and it was SO YUMMY. It was really nice for tea yesterday but also brilliant cold for breakfast today, which means I can have a lie in AND have a good breakfast before university.


6 eggs
Half a bag of spinach
1 leek
1 onion
2 spring onions
2 cloves of garlic
Some grated cheese (any type, and any amount to your taste)
Oil (I used olive oil but any will do) for frying
A pack of prosciutto ham



Pour some oil into a frying pan to heat, and finely dice your onion and garlic. Fry on a medium-high heat until soft. Then, wash your spinach, leek and spring onions, chop the leek and spring onions and put all of them into the frying pan. Leave until mostly cooked.


While the veggies are cooking, crack your eggs into a bowl and add milk and pepper. Whisk until everything is combined.



Tear up the ham and put into the pan, along with the grated cheese. Make sure you mix everything around so that there’s an even layer of every ingredient.


Pour in the egg mixture and leave to cook on a medium heat. Keep testing it to see if the mixture is setting (use a fork or spatula to gently move the sides of the frittata).


When the egg is mostly cooked, place the pan under the grill on a high heat. This will cook the top half of the frittata. Leave it under until the entire dish is completely cooked – keep poking it with a fork and lifting sections up. The veggies will be cooked by now (and of course the ham and cheese are fine) but you HAVE to make sure the eggs are completely cooked. If in doubt, it’s always better to cook it for a few minutes too many than a few minutes too few.



And that’s it! Like I say, it’s lovely hot or cold, by itself, or with baked beans or salad. Although it’s pretty easy to do, it took longer than I expected (I made this while I was in a bit of a hurry and I ended up slightly late) so I’d advise you to make this one evening when you have time to spare, and then have some for breakfast or lunch the next day.

I hope you enjoyed this! Tell me if you make this and what you think of it!


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