What I Received for Christmas

Hey everyone. As promised, this is my Christmas gift haul thingy for 2014. I’m not doing this to brag at all or anything like that – I just enjoy looking at these things and I thought some of you may do too. Without further ado, onto the gifts.



The main gifts I got from my parents – a new generation iPod in Space Grey. I love this colour so much! And a Wacom Intuos tablet – you connect it to your laptop and can draw on it with a special pen and the drawing comes onto the screen of the laptop. I love drawing but I’ve never been able to master drawing with a mouse, so this was an amazing gift!



From my parents I also got a cocktail making kit! I can’t wait to take this back to Edinburgh and hold some “Cocktails and Cupcakes” themed parties!


From a family friend I received an awesome gift – a food hamper with some of my favourite foods and a box of green tea! She knew I’d be going back to Edinburgh soon and bought it so I wouldn’t have to go food shopping the second I arrived. It’s such a lovely thought!



I also received (again off my parents) a beautiful wall clock with Audrey Hepburn on it. I ADORE Audrey and, as I’m sure you can guess, I love this clock. The beautiful bed throw was from my aunt and uncle and I’ll be saving both of these for when I move into my new flat in September. I also got a few ornaments (with owls on that I forgot to take pictures of!) which will also be staying at my parents home until I move into my flat.



From one of my best friends I received a hudl case (just in time as I somehow spilled nail polish on my previous one a couple of days before Christmas), a perfume set and a set of beautiful charms you place around the stem of wine glasses. They are lovely!


Finally, I got all the usual Christmas knick knacks like these things – hair stuff, shower stuff and little bits and bobs of lip balms and hand creams. I also got a STUNNING necklace from my best friend in Edinburgh that sadly I forgot to take a picture of before I left – it has a quote from Alice in Wonderland (“We’re all mad here”) which sums us up perfectly and on the back it has a clock face. I adore it.

I’m insanely happy and grateful for everything I received, and I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoy looking at these kinds of posts. I’ll see you soon for another fun post. Bye!


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