First Impressions: The Fall

I’ve recently been told to watch the BBC drama The Fall, by no less than three friends. It’s just finished its second season, but the first is out on DVD or widely available online. There are 5 episodes in each season.

The Fall is about a serial killer, Spector, and a superintendent, Stella, who was brought to Belfast to try and find new clues as to who the killer might be. I LOVE it! I’ve only seen the first episode and already I want more! The perspective switches between Stella and Spector and this is done flawlessly – none of that jumpy, cut-scene, lots-of-black-between-takes stuff. Spector has two children who are ADORABLE and he works as some kind of marriage councillor/therapist. His wife is a neo-natal nurse. Stella is rather…flirtatious – she likes the men and knows how to get them. Both characters are beautifully portrayed, a mix of good and bad/flaws.

As I’ve only seen the first episode so far, I can’t tell much about the plot other than women who all look pretty similar have been found strangled and the police have absolutely nothing to go on (hence why Stella was brought in to review the case). She sees a connection between two unsolved cases but, at this point in the show, her superiors don’t believe her (or don’t WANT to believe her). The dead women seem to look similar to Spector’s children’s babysitter too – and she is…well…kinda obsessed with him.

I don’t know much more yet but I’m really looking forward to seeing the next episode! I think I’ll do a quick update on every episode – where I detail what’s happened so far, any new things we find out, stuff like that – and then a review of the full first season when I’ve finished it. Stay tuned to find out what happens next! And comment if you are watching/have watched The Fall, and we can discuss theories and things together. See you soon!


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